3rd Message from Cathy

My second FAC chemo treatment was canceled yesterday because my white blood cell count was too low. In order to get the treatment, your white blood cell count has to be at least 1000-1300, depending on who your doctor is, but mine was 800. So, the doctor scheduled me to go back on Monday. If the count is high enough for me to receive the treatment, I have to get a white blood cell booster the day after it.
I left the hospital with mixed feelings because I was disappointed that the whole process of this chemo has to be prolonged since I wish to have it done as soon as possible, but I also felt relieved from the fear of the discomfort I know the FAC will cause me. *sigh* I hope everything will work out on Monday.

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4 Responses to 3rd Message from Cathy

  1. Mary Anne Womack says:

    Cathy, praying for you. Am now almost 10 years out from breast cancer. God, love, prayer and a strong family sustained me through those difficult days. You have all of these in your favor, and I know that you will be looking back on a successful fight in the future. God bless and keep you. Mary Anne

    • Cathy says:

      Thank you for your prayers and encouraging words, Mary Anne. God, love, prayer and a strong family are so important and helpful for this hard time, and I do have plenty love and support. Thank you for providing it for me.

  2. Ann Bradford says:

    Dear Cathy, I am a friend of your inlaws in the FUMC Open Door Class. I had breast cancer last year; and although I only had to take radiation, I sat in the waiting room with the chemo ladies for our daily treatments. The phrase I kept hearing was a version of “when this is all over…when I get my life back…when I get to go home,” and then they would share what they missed and what they were going to do first. Keep holding to that–you will get your life back, you will get to enjoy all the little things you always did, and it will be even better, because you will appreciate everything. This time next year, you will probably be writing this to someone else, encouraging them. GOD has wonderful plans for you. Keep believing!

    • Cathy says:

      Thank you for your encouragement, Ann. I’m so looking forward to the time when I get well. I found some recipes I want to try, and I will cook them for Olen, my family and friends. =)

      It’s gonna be a beautiful winter for me this year.

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