2nd FAC treatment done

Cathy’s white blood cell count was high enough today that they decided to give her the chemo. She started at 7:00 pm, and my mother is taking her home now (as of 10:53 pm). They also gave her some stronger anti-nausea medication this time, so we’re hoping the vomiting won’t be as severe. No vomiting at all would be wonderful.

Last time, her temperature fluctuated a lot in the few days following the treatment. Obviously, with her white blood cell count being low, she may be susceptible to infections and illnesses that would normally be mild, so changes in temperature are cause for concern. If she gets a significant fever, we’re supposed to take her to the emergency room. Please pray that she’ll be spared any such complications.

Just two more chemo treatments to go. She’s been told that radiation is a cakewalk compared to chemo. (Hopefully that’s true.)


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9 Responses to 2nd FAC treatment done

  1. Ann Bradford says:

    Radiation is nothing. I never missed a day of work!

  2. Marlene McKee says:

    My heart is with you, dear one. I am praying for you and all those who love you in this trial. May you know His mercy and grace each moment.
    Love you,

  3. Elizabeth says:

    Keep fighting!
    We are all with you!

  4. Steven Liang says:

    Dear cathy:

    • Cathy says:


  5. hayley adams says:

    Hi Cathy,

    I am so sorry to hear about your diagnosis. I found out I had breast cancer this past May and I am 28. I would love to chat with you and pray with you. My email is hadams04@gmail.com. Contact me if you’d like to chat.

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