Article in Chronicle (Memorial Neighborhood)

An excellent article about Cathy was published today in the Memorial-Spring Branch neighborhood paper. Please check it out here. Thanks to our friend Yates for contacting the paper, and to Kim Morgan for doing the story.

There’s less than one week to go now before the concert. I (Olen) have been going over to my parents’ house almost every other day where I can practice on a real piano. (I just have an electric keyboard in our apartment.) I’m starting to get nervous about playing in front of a group, which I haven’t done in a long time. (And back when I did it regularly, I wasn’t any less nervous.) Fortunately, I’m just one small part of the show.

We had the pleasure of meeting Matt Brouwer and his fiancee a couple weeks ago. They’re nice, down-to-earth people, and we feel blessed and honored to have Matt playing at the concert. I look forward to hearing him live, as well as seeing Ad Deum and the A. D. Players. Thanks in advance to all of them for sacrificing their time to come out and perform at the Stand with Cathy concert. Please check out their web sites and find out about their upcoming shows.

Cathy has an appointment tomorrow to get a white blood cell count, see her oncologist, and, if all is well, get another FAC (chemo) treatment. She dreads each treatment because of the inevitable side effects. Fortunately, she only has two more left, including tomorrow’s. We’re hoping she’ll be feeling close to normal as soon as possible and that she’ll be able to enjoy the concert on Saturday.


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  1. Marilyn H. says:

    Olen & Cathy……..we are in the Open Door Sunday School class with Marilyn & Fritz. It is such a privilege to be in prayer for you both. We are so excited about this Saturday’s concert and are praying BOLDLY that you will feel up to not only being there but also ENJOYING every minute of everyone lovin’ on you!!!! See you Sat. evening!! In HIS Love, marilyn

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