Total Amount Raised

Here are the final numbers:

Donations received at the concert: $21,556.00
Donations received before/after/online: $27,298.00
Net income from T-shirt sales: $1034.34
Income from other sales (music, CD’s): $214.12


Thanks again to everyone involved. The above amount will go a long way in relieving the financial burden of the cancer treatment.

Several people have asked that we publish the cost of the treatment. It is impossible to know for sure how much everything will cost in the end, but when you register as a patient at the Mays Clinic at M. D. Anderson, they say that the first year of treatment is likely to cost between $114,000 and $264,000. We have already been billed $85,000 for diagnostic work and chemotherapy treatments, and we have yet to go through surgery and radiation, so it looks like we’re going to fall closer to the $264,000 end of the spectrum. (We have been told that radiation will be about $60,000, and we know only that surgery will be expensive.)

It is possible that Cathy’s insurance will cover the surgery, but only if M. D. Anderson will allow the operation to be conducted as an in-patient procedure. We were told that such operations can be conducted as out-patient procedures and that her doctor has no say over whether it will be in-patient or out-patient. Apparently, they frequently discharge patients in the 23rd hour so that the operation can count as out-patient. This practice must be due to pressure from the insurance companies, which have limits on the amount of out-patient procedure expenses that they’ll cover.


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