Radiation and Parents

Yesterday (Tuesday, Nov 9), we went in to get everything set up for Cathy’s radiation treatment. She had some blood work done and had a physical therapy session. After that, she went to the radiation department, where they made a mold for her to lie in so that she’ll be in the same position for each radiation dose. Then they spent some time simulating the process; she has to breathe just right while they train the radiation beam on her in order to make sure the right spot is getting zapped. She’s scheduled for 32 treatments, which will be nearly every week day from November 15 to December 30.

We’re also getting ready for her parents to come visit us. This will be their first time in America, and they’ll be staying with us from November 21 to January 4. We don’t have a bed for them yet, so if you or someone you know has an unwanted queen-sized or double bed (that has no possibility of bed bugs or other parasites!), please let us know.

Meanwhile, Cathy is continuing to take classes in preparation for either pharmacy or nursing school. She has been amazingly strong throughout this 8-month ordeal, as she has been attending classes, studying hard, and taking tests even during the hardest stretches of chemotherapy and right before and after her surgery. She astounds me.


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4 Responses to Radiation and Parents

  1. Marilyn H. says:

    We are praying BOLDLY for you both!!

    In His Healing Power and Love,
    Marilyn & Larry Harman
    Open Door Sunday School Class

  2. Janie says:

    Cathy, you astound me as well! I know that God is giving you all that you need to make it through this and that He will continue to do so! You continue to be in my prayers daily! I love you so much!
    Janie \o/

  3. Daniel Hung says:

    Able to find a bed yet? We have 2 extra twin mattresses.

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