The Concert

The Stand with Cathy concert was held on Saturday, August 14, 2010, at 7:00 pm at West Houston Chinese Church in Houston. The performances were excellent, and we had a good turnout. In total, we have raised $55,652. Thanks again to everyone who made it possible.

With the performances of the A. D. Players, Ad Deum, and Matt Brouwer, the concert program was quite impressive. Video of some performances has been posted on YouTube. Click on the names of the pieces in the program below to view the performances.

Stand with Cathy Program (Click to download PDF version.)

Part I

1.  Come Just As you are                       Sabolick
Fairest Lord Jesus                            Hymn

I-Ming Huang, saxophone
Sarah Giron, flute
Tomo Tsai, piano

2.  Un Sospiro                                       Liszt

Jonathan Tao, piano

3.  The Story of Cathy & Olen

Jimmy Tsai, narration
Tomo  Tsai, piano

4.  Fantasie-Impromptu, Op.66              Chopin

Sonata in C# Minor, Op.27, No.2       Beethoven
Adagio sostenuto
Presto agitato

Olen Rambow, piano

(Intermission: Cancer Awareness Presentation)

Part II

1. Ad Deum (professional dance group)

2. A. D. Players (professional theater group)

3. Matt Brouwer (professional singer)

Below is a rough map showing the location of West Houston Chinese Church. Though the concert is over, please feel free to join us on Sunday mornings at 11:15 for our English worship service.